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Analogous hat 1

analogous example 1

analogous hat 2

analogous example 2

  •  Theme: Winter toboggan in analogous colors. (Grades K-2)
  • Objective: Teach color theory, primary (red, blue, yellow), secondary (green, purple, orange) complimentary (colors opposite each other) and analogous colors (any three colors beside each other on the color wheel).  Create designs and patterns with tangram shapes.
  • Instructions: Print the toboggan template, trace on card stock or heavy paper and cut out.  Print color wheel to teach color theory.  Discuss primary, secondary, and analogous colors.  Trace hat on paper and use tangram shapes to made designs and patterns.  Print and cut out your own tangram shapes from here.  Use card stock or heavy paper.  Trace hat template on drawing paper.  Trace tangram designs on hat (use a quarter to include circles). Choose 3 analogous colors and color with colored pencils.  Staple tassle to top of hat.  
  • Materials:  card stock or other heavy paper, drawing paper, toboggan template, tangram shapes, colored pencils, yarn for tassle, stapler, scissors. 
color wheel

color wheel


hat template

toboggan template



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Color pencil sketch
  • Theme: Colored pencil sketch (Grades K-5)
  • Objective: Sketch an apple with color pencils.
  • Materials: drawing paper, colored pencils, apples with a variety of colors.

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Rainbow Fish painting

  • ThemeThe Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. (Grades K-2)
  • Objective: Create a painting inspired by the story.  Draw Rainbow Fish in an scene from the book.  Paint with tempera paints.  Glue foil to areas on the fish after paint has dried.
  • Materials: drawing paper, pencils, tempra paints, brushes, water, black marker, foil, and glue

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Pumpkin Mosaic
  • Theme: Halloween/Thanksgiving project (Grades K-2)
  • Objective: Create a mosaic with cut paper tiles (tesserae).  Show images of mosaics for ideas on how to arrange the tiles.  Arrange and glue tiles to pumpkin drawing. Cut out finished pumpkin mosaic and glue to black construction paper to display. 
  • MaterialsPumpkin printable, various colors (lots of orange) of cut paper tiles, black construction paper, scissors, and glue sticks.

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