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  • Theme:  Skyscraper building study
  • Objective: Students will use overlapping, perspective, distance, pattern, line, and composition to depict a cityscape with skyscrapers and other buildings.
  • Instructions: Research skyscrapers of famous cities in books or the Internet.  Visit a local downtown area with tall buildings to get ideas.  Students can also imagine a cityscape and draw various buildings with different shapes, sizes, and textures.  Drawing can be in pencil or colored pencil. 
  • Materials:  paper, pencils, erasers, colored pencils.

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  • Theme: Colorful hand drawing that resembles stained glass.
  • Objective: Use hands as the subject to create a design using overlapping technique and color to resemble a stained glass look.
  • Instructions: Have student trace their own hand and repeat by overlapping and drawing their hand in three different positions to create an interesting design.  Using colored pencils, have the student color the shapes that were created.  The shapes beside each other should be colored different colors.  Use primary, analogous or complimentary colors.  Refer to the color wheel.
  • Materials:  Sketch or drawing paper and colored pencils.

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