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  • Theme: Heart birds
  • Objective: Use elongated heart shapes for the beak, head, body and tail to draw birds.  Position birds on the branches using design and depth composition.  Apply wax resist technique. 
  • Instructions: Have example of finished project for child to see.  Discuss design and draw branches on paper using light strokes.  Demonstrate how to draw birds using elongated heart shapes.  Draw larger birds in foreground and smaller birds in background.  Trace with wax crayon and use light brush strokes to apply watercolor paint to give color to give to birds, branches, leaf shapes, and background. 
  • Materials:  80lb. paper or watercolor paper, pencils, wax crayons, watercolor paints, brushes, water.

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Piggy Pointillism

  • Theme: If You Give a Pig a Pancake by by Laura Joffe Numeroff (Grades K-1)
  • Objective: Create an art lesson on pointillism using a printable based on the book.  Gather books and other resources to show examples of pointillism.  Print pig printable from here.  Provide cotton swabs and acrylic or tempera paints and instruct child to use only dots to paint printable. 
  • Materials: Pig printable, cotton swabs, acrylic or tempera paints, foam plates for paint, water for clean up.

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Analogous hat 1

analogous example 1

analogous hat 2

analogous example 2

  •  Theme: Winter toboggan in analogous colors. (Grades K-2)
  • Objective: Teach color theory, primary (red, blue, yellow), secondary (green, purple, orange) complimentary (colors opposite each other) and analogous colors (any three colors beside each other on the color wheel).  Create designs and patterns with tangram shapes.
  • Instructions: Print the toboggan template, trace on card stock or heavy paper and cut out.  Print color wheel to teach color theory.  Discuss primary, secondary, and analogous colors.  Trace hat on paper and use tangram shapes to made designs and patterns.  Print and cut out your own tangram shapes from here.  Use card stock or heavy paper.  Trace hat template on drawing paper.  Trace tangram designs on hat (use a quarter to include circles). Choose 3 analogous colors and color with colored pencils.  Staple tassle to top of hat.  
  • Materials:  card stock or other heavy paper, drawing paper, toboggan template, tangram shapes, colored pencils, yarn for tassle, stapler, scissors. 
color wheel

color wheel


hat template

toboggan template



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Cornucopia watercolor/wax resist technique. Example 1.

Cornucopia wax resist/ watercolor technique. Example 1

Cornucopia wax resist/watercolor technique. Example 2.

Cornucopia wax resist/watercolor technique. Example 2.

  • Theme: Thanksgiving cornucopia (Grades K-3)
  • Objective: Demonstrate wax resist technique using watercolors and wax crayons.
  • Instructions: Print the printable for children to use. It is best to change the printer setting to print as a watermark to lighten the lines.  Trace the outline of the picture with a wax crayon.  Filling in with watercolors. 
  • Materials:  80lb. paper or watercolor paper, wax crayons, watercolor paints, brushes, water.
Cornucopia outlined with crayon.

Cornucopia outlined with crayon.

First grade class. Deer Creek Christian School. Chicago, IL

First grade class. Deer Creek Christian School. University Park, IL

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Rainbow Fish painting

  • ThemeThe Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. (Grades K-2)
  • Objective: Create a painting inspired by the story.  Draw Rainbow Fish in an scene from the book.  Paint with tempera paints.  Glue foil to areas on the fish after paint has dried.
  • Materials: drawing paper, pencils, tempra paints, brushes, water, black marker, foil, and glue

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Pumpkin Mosaic
  • Theme: Halloween/Thanksgiving project (Grades K-2)
  • Objective: Create a mosaic with cut paper tiles (tesserae).  Show images of mosaics for ideas on how to arrange the tiles.  Arrange and glue tiles to pumpkin drawing. Cut out finished pumpkin mosaic and glue to black construction paper to display. 
  • MaterialsPumpkin printable, various colors (lots of orange) of cut paper tiles, black construction paper, scissors, and glue sticks.

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  • Theme: Stained glass rose windows. Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France. (Grades K-3)
  • Objective: Create a stained glass rose window with melted wax crayons. 
  • Instructions: Sharpen several brightly colored crayons to produce about 1/4 cup of shavings.  Spread shavings between two pieces of 9″x12″ wax paper.  With an old towel underneath wax paper and another old towel over top, iron on low heat until wax melts.  Use a 9″x12″ light colored piece of construction paper and cut out a paper snowflake design.  Lay paper cut-out over melted wax crayon design and trim into a circular shape. Attach with clear tape and display in a sunny window.
  • Materials: crayon shavings, wax paper, two old towels, iron, construction paper, scissors, clear tape.
melted crayon wax

melted crayon shavings between wax paper (back)

cut paper on front
 paper cut-out over melted crayon (front)

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